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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

HNP- Half Nekk’ed Potter-itice


Yes, Potter-itice.

My dear friend Skookumjoe has brought to my attention a condition most foul.

I never even realize I suffered from this condition until I, innocently enough, posted my Half Scruffy Thursday post.

This is where is started. It turns out that Skookum has done some research and revealed a discovery, my pre-pubescent facial hair is actually linked to a de-habilitating disease. Click here for his research into Potter-itice.

Since the first time he shed light on this condition he's brought it back here and there. sometimes he was subtle about his finding.

But recently the evidence has become overwhelming, his last post (with the help of his offspring) confirmed that there is a direct correlation between Exile and Potter-itice.

At first I thought it was the glasses.
harry vs exile
Hell, the prescription is practically the same...

but then I saw this...
Harry Potter

I didn't think much of it at first, but under closer inspection I finally saw what Skookum had been saying...

There was a connection...
Exile Potter




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