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Thursday, September 21, 2006

HNS- Half Nekk'ed Shocker

As any good master should, I decided to give me Bitch (Misti) a little treat. So I let her pick my HNT pic for this week. She wanted me to showcase my favorite toys.

Well, I happen to have a lot, so I thought I'd show off two of them.

This is my favorite drinking/party game
Lightning Reaction
Lightnig Reaction
The way the game is played is simple.
1. Everyone takes a controller
2. The red light in the middle flashes and plays this horrid music.
3. The light turns green and you push the button on your controller.
4. If you push the button too soon or are the last one, you get zapped.
5. Everyone laughs at you for being a wussy

I also bought a new toy.
And it's so me.
Infrared Trashcan 1
That's right (say it with me) and Infrared Trash Can. Oh yes, my trash can opens and closes when I need to throw a way trash. I needed a trash can for the kitchen, and well, fuck it, I bought an infrared trash can.

And according to my inflatable monkey, I have to justify nothing!
inflateable monkey

(I hope this was somewhat what you wanted Misti.)





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