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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Picture Perfect

Hello all my little blog-it-teers!

I have returned again because I missed you (and cause Sassy is a pain in the...)

But never the less I am here, and I bring good news, I have completed a long term project I've been working on. Let's think back shall we? way back....

That's right, after all this time, my walls are finally decked out!

Oh yes, thanks to the brilliant work of my buddy Protagonist I now have the art I've been looking for.

He sent me the pics months ago and since I started my new job I've been piecing the project together. I've been cutting corners everywhere I can to pull this off under budget.

Art Collection

The pictures were printed at Kinkos
Art Collection Inspiration Beauty

The frames were on clearance.
Art Collection Passion Contrast

Instead of Mat Board the pics are "floated" on construction paper.
Art Mounted

And I think I stole the nails from my old job...
Art Mounted 2
Art Mounted 3

I'm so stoked right now, this place is really coming together. I also bought a "stand" for my fish-tank. So the conclusion to that project will be soon (in a month or two, hehehe)




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